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22 Oct



Loki Heartbroken

Notice that all these scenes involve his mother?

  1. Odin said he would never get to meet Frigga again.
  2. After admitting that Frigga isn’t his mother and he reaches to touch her hand but she slowly disappears.
  3. After Thor said Frigga trusted him but he didn’t.
  4. Thor says “what help of you in the cell?” after Malekith’s attack resulting in Frigga’s death.
  5. After Loki said Frigga wouldn’t be surprised if they fought again.

His most honest, raw emotions always involve interactions with - or memories of - his mother.

19 Oct
"There’s nothing more reassuring than realizing that the world is crazier than you are”.

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18 Oct

Loki + Leather Clad Thighs

12 Oct


#this was sexy as hell until he blew up#what a mood killer

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11 Oct
How were we to know it wasn’t meant to last? 

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11 Oct

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21 Sep
"Loki !"
#And he protects her
15 Sep

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13 Sep



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12 Sep

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